Cruise Line Associations in Canada


Cruise Lines International Association – North West & Canada

Cruise Lines International Association – North West & Canada (CLIA-NWC), is a non-profit association representing the major cruise lines that operate in the Pacific Northwest (British Columbia, Washington State, Alaska & Hawaii) and in Atlantic Canada and Québec. CLIA-NWC works with local organizations to develop opportunities, support economic and environmental studies and collaborate with government agencies to ensure a workable regulatory environment.

British Columbia (Pacific Coast / Alaska)

Cruise BC Association

Cruise BC leverages collective efforts to promote British Columbia as a cruise destination of choice. The purpose of the organization is to provide a vehicle for cooperative initiatives with a goal of further developing BC ports and communities as viable cruise ship destinations. Cruise BC compliments efforts of existing organizations in marketing and promoting the cruise industry in British Columbia.

Cruise Industry Association of BC

Representing the suppliers of services and product to the cruise industry, CIABC’s goals are to foster the economic growth of the BC cruise industry; to co-ordinate the marketing activities and enhance business opportunities for its members; to act a centre for aggregating and disseminating information to its membership; and to serve as a single point of contact to the cruise industry in raising their awareness of services and products available in BC.

Great Lakes

Great Lakes Cruising Coalition

The Great Lakes Cruising Coalition is an organization which advocates passenger cruising on the Great Lakes. It represents the publicly owned assets and is comprised of American & Canadian Port Cities and towns, various significant Port Authorities, several US States, the Canadian Province of Ontario and the Saint Lawrence Seaway. They have been in existence since 1997 and their members represent important destinations around the Great Lakes.

Saint Lawrence

Cruise the Saint Lawrence

Cruise the Saint Lawrence was created to promote a unique, unforgettable Saint Lawrence experience renowned for the diverse, quality offering of each member port of call, and recognized as a major international cruise destination operating at full capacity in all navigable seasons. The main mandate of Cruise the Saint Lawrence is to position Destination Saint Lawrence clearly with cruise companies by defining and coordinating development efforts and partner/port-of-call attributes, the aim being to build a genuine Cruise the Saint Lawrence brand.

Atlantic Canada

Cruise Atlantic Canada

Cruise Atlantic Canada is a partnership between port, tourism and cruise ship interests in each of the four Atlantic Provinces, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Parks Canada. The association is leading growth and development of the cruise industry to enhance Atlantic Canada’s market position. Growth of the cruise industry in Atlantic Canada provides broad economic benefit to the Atlantic Canada region through the growth of port infrastructure to meet the needs of the cruise industry and through strategic marketing partnerships.

Cruise Newfoundland & Labrador

Cruise Newfoundland & Labrador will lead strategic cruise initiatives in conjunction with the Board of Directors through marketing Newfoundland and Labrador as an international cruise destination. Their mandate is to increase provincial cruise activity and its economic impact.

Overview of the Cruise Ship Industry in Canada.