Arctic Canada


Cruise Season

July to August; depending on weather..

Time In Destination

Varies by community; some cruise ship itineraries show 3 to 6 hours.

Average Onshore Spending

On average, cruise passengers spend $325 between 4 to 5 stops where the first and last communities benefit the most.

Typical Cruise Lines Visiting The Port

Adventure Canada |  Compagnie du Ponant |  Lindblad Expeditions |  One Ocean Expeditions |  Quark Expeditions

Snapshot Of Existing Shore Excursions

This community has pre and post cruise overnights/visits.

Opportunities For Indigenous Experiences

Communities may need to develop more experiences for cruise passengers as the demand for Arctic cruises increases. Parks Canada has designed workshops to help communities with the development and implementation of tourism experiences.  

Industry partners that can help develop experiences for cruise lines in your region

Nunavut Tourism

Colleen Dupuis – CEO

Parks Canada