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The year 2009 marked the beginning of international cruise ship activities for Sept-Îles with visits by three ships. The local community proudly welcomed over 5,000 passengers during this inaugural season. Over the next few years, the port averaged about 3,500 passengers; however in 2015 the destination will be welcoming 6 calls from cruise ships with approx. 5,192 passengers.

Cruise Season

May, July, September and October; the majority of arrivals occur in October . Link To Port Schedule.

Time In Destination

5 to 10 hours

Average Onshore Spending

$45 per person

Typical Cruise Lines Visiting The Port

Crystal Cruises |  Holland America Line |  Pearl Seas Cruises |  Silversea Cruises |  Cruise & Maritime Voyages

Snapshot Of Existing Shore Excursions

Tours available

Opportunities For Indigenous Experiences

Sept-Îles offers a unique cultural experience with the meeting of two nations, where the past is conjugated in the present. This destination has set a great example of how the rich history of the Innu community can be showcased in an Indigenous tourism experience directly developed for the cruise lines. The community currently offers the following experience to the cruise ship passengers:

The Ultimate Innu Experience

Offered by the Uashat mak Mani-Utenam Community, this main activity allows cruise passengers to discover different aspects of the Innu culture, such as hunting, traditional fishing, crafts, traditional medicine, Innu gastronomy, spirituality and more. Six tents have been installed on site in which each theme is discussed for around ten minutes. The site can accommodate up to 480 cruise passengers during an 8-hour stopover. The Shaputuan museum and the Vieux-Poste de Traite also contribute through people from the community highlighting the historical aspect of the culture.

Other opportunities for Indigenous organizations and entrepreneurs include:

  • Selling arts and crafts within the community
  • Offering traditional food experiences
  • Vieux poste de Sept-Îles ( Old Trading Post) is providing some Indigenous content and the experience could be enhanced by providing storytelling, workshops on traditional arts & crafts, snowshoe-making demonstrations, and more. 

Industry partners that can help develop experiences for cruise lines in your region

Port of Sept-Îles

Mario Sévigny – Executive Director

Parks Canada

Yves Picard – Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat Parcs Canada

Québec Aboriginal Tourism

Eric Duchesneau – Project Officer