Working with the different sales channels

Working with the different sales channels may be the best option to get your experiences in front of the cruise lines and ultimately the cruise passengers.

Partner with an existing tourism provider

Partnering with established tour providers is often the most practical and cost effective way for a new company to enter the cruise market and establish the necessary reputation to demonstrate that they are cruise export-ready.

Most cruise lines are looking for ease of doing business and the one stop-shopping concept appeals to them. By including your experience in existing offerings the cruise lines will be most likely to commit to a new product. For example, an Indigenous tourism attraction could partner with a sightseeing company that already works with the cruise lines. The existing tourism provider already has an established relationship with the cruise lines making it easier and more affordable to market to the cruise passengers.

Work with shore excursion companies

In some regions such as the Great Lakes or Atlantic Canada, working with Shore Excursion Companies is the best way to get your experience in front of the cruise lines. Similar to a receptive tour operator / tour operator, they contract with tourism providers and resell these experiences to the cruise lines. Because they work with a number of tourism providers they can easily scale to the varying passenger numbers of a cruise line.  

Work with Receptive Tour Operators on pre and post cruise package inclusions

The best way to get your products and experiences included in pre / post cruise packages is to work with receptive tour operators and tour operators that already work with the cruise lines on these types of packages. Receptive Tour Operators are ‘business to business’ Canadian-based tour operators who contract products and services with Canadian tourism providers / suppliers. Receptive tour operators resell these services to Tour Operators, who then resells these services to the consumers, often via travel agents.

Receptive tour operators also work with cruise lines and develop a wide selection of pre / post cruise packages. Some receptive tour operators may also offer their pre / post cruise packages under a tour operator brand directly to the customers.

For more information on how to work with receptive tour operators, go here.

Overview of the Cruise Ship Industry in Canada.